Author: Ezra Barany

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How to Make a Great Book Trailer – Part 1 of 4

Many authors think the book trailer needs to show what your story’s about. The reality is that no one cares what your story’s about. They only care what experience your book will deliver. Too many book trailers I’ve seen spend the whole time showing the back cover blurb instead of expressing the emotional experience their book conveys. This is a series of articles on how to make a book trailer. Not just any book trailer, but a great book trailer!

7 Rocks to Being an Author of a Bestseller 3

7 Rocks to Being an Author of a Bestseller

Say you have a jar full of rocks, pebbles, and sand. Each rock, pebble, and grain of sand represents a step you can take to being a bestselling author, a full jar. Some steps take more time than others, some cost more money to do, but time and money are not a reflection of the size of the stones. Instead, the size refers to how effective each step is in reaching your goal. If you only have the time and money to put in 7 things, doesn’t it make sense that you should focus on the ones that are large rocks instead of the tiny pebbles?

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How to Edit My Book

A lot of authors that wonder how to edit their book think there must be some system all the great authors use for editing, when the reality is each author is different. For example, I have my own unique set of frequent writing flaws, so I have my own way to edit my book. You’ll need to come up with a system of self-editing that’s tailored to your own writing needs.

Instead of telling you how to edit your novel, I’m going to give you tips on how to create your own system of editing.

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Increase Your Book Sales with Anthology Submissions

Many authors think getting their work published in an anthology is great for visibility. They’re right. But not for the reason they think. If you self-publish, you then tell all your friends and family about the book. But with an anthology, you now have all the contributing authors tell all their friends and all their families about the book. The amount of people who hear about the anthology and see your published name can be ten times as many!