What to Bring to a Book Fair to Sell Your Books by Ezra Barany

Cat has listEver went to a book fair to sell your book and brought your books but nothing else? There must have been several moments when you said to yourself, “Darn! If only I had brought a….”

This weekend, Beth and I are going to the Sonoma County Book Festival to sell my book The Torah Codes, and her books Henrietta the Dragon Slayer, and The Writers Adventure Guide. We always need to make sure we bring everything.

Here’s a quick check-list of items to bring with you if you have a display table to sell your books at a book fair or presentation.

1. Your books – Duh.

2. Signs – On regular 8.5 x 11 paper, print out a sign for each of your books. Have the sign show off the credibility of your book. It should have the title, a few five-star reviews, icons/badges for winning any contests, the regular price (in strikethrough font), and a special book fair price.

3. Sign holders – You can get vertical and horizontal plastic sign holders at places like Office Depot.

4. Book holders – These are a great way to display your books. They also are available at places like Office Depot.

5. Tablecloth – A solid-colored tablecloth best displays your books.

6. Small boxes – Boxes like shoeboxes are great. When you put them under the tablecloth, they look like raised platforms for your book holders. Imagine a single raised platform in the middle of the table. Upon it, you place a book holder with one of your books to stand upright. Surrounding the platform, you can have piles of your books in piles, like paperback people worshipping your elevated book. Nice effect.

7. Pens – Prepare to autograph your books! 🙂

8. “Signed Copy” stickers – These make your autographed books special.

9. A way to be paid – We like being able to use credit cards on the iPhone with the Square Card Reader. Check it out here: https://squareup.com.

10. A receipt book – People will want a receipt. A receipt book is great and can also be found at places like Office Depot.

I bet I’m forgetting something. If I am, I’ll update this check-list later.

Book marketing mentor, Ezra Barany is the author of the award-winning bestseller, The Torah Codes. Contact Ezra now to begin the conversation on how he can help you. You can connect with Ezra via FacebookTwitter, contact him through this blog, or by email: EZRA at THETORAHCODES dot COM.

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  • Ien Nivens says:

    Thanks, Ezra! I’m bookmarking this post so I don’t miss your updates. Seems to me that your list would apply equally well to most any stop on a book tour (the old-fashioned, geographical kind), from libraries to coffee shops and book club gatherings.

  • Suzanne Waligore says:

    Thanks Ezra…some great practical ideas! It’s always helpful to have a list!
    I would add: a binder with complete copies of all reviews, interviews, photos, etc.
    placed in slip sheets…kind of a real life media page with a color cover of the book
    on each side of the binder. I also have business cards and flyers for people to take
    with them. I’m looking for possible speaking gigs as well so it helps having take aways.

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