How to Make a Great Book Trailer – Part 2 of 4

Your cat can play one song on the piano for your great book trailerMaking a great book trailer has surprisingly little to do with showing what the story is about and, instead, has everything to do with conveying the experience your book provides. Last week, I went over how to create a fantastic script for a book trailer.

One of the biggest challenges for making a book trailer involves finding good royalty-free images and music that are either inexpensive or free to use. This post shows you where to find all the images and music you’ll need!

Find the images

Do a search of pictures matching the phrases in your script. You can find FREE Royalty-free images at these places:
8. (free registration required and limited downloads)
9. (make sure to refine your search for images with a creative commons license, and to respect the license by crediting the photographer.)

You can also find a wider variety of low-cost royalty-free images at



Image editors

Need to touch up the images? Here are free online picture editors!


Your book trailer folder

Create a folder for your video and put all the images there.

Find the music

(Optional) Next, choose what music will play in your video. A great FREE royalty-free site for some wonderful music is at Kevin Macleod’s site

Another site is:

Next week we’ll go over which movie maker to use to combine all the components. 


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