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Authors: Turn to Kickstarter to Launch Your Book by Scott Lorenz

To take the greatest advantage of the technology of the 21st Century a tool some authors are turning to is Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a virtual place where authors, musicians, app developers, inventors and others go to recruit people to support their creative project.


Making Your Book Into an Audiobook for Extra Cash (Part 2 of 3) by Liz Adams

Last time I shared with you how I got started with turning my book into an audiobook with ACX. In this post, I’ll share with you my interaction with the technician as we created the audiobook from my ebook.

Once ACX said my book was eligible for a stipend to cover the costs of recording, my book was posted on ACX among all the other books covered by a stipend for the recording producers to see. The recording producers get to select which books they’d like to record, if they see one that looks good.

Bestseller on Kitty's Kindle 4

How KDP Select Will Make You An Amazon Bestseller

If you want to become an Amazon bestseller, going through Amazon’s KDP Select program is a great way to do it. But it takes more than just signing up with KDP Select. By following a simple process I’ve outlined below, you can practically guarantee becoming an Amazon bestseller.


Imagination Time—Upcoming Literary Trends

I sat down the other day and started thinking about what the new trends will be in romantic fiction during the next couple of years. I made my list and thought it would be fun just to discuss the things I think may creep into romance and the literary mainstream. Some of this may make some of you laugh, but honestly, did any of us see zombies creeping into the pages of our romance books? Enough said.


INDIE AUTHOR RESOURCES: How to Get Your Book on the Nook and the Kindle and Smashwords

Welcome to the weekly series on Resources for Indie Authors. All resources I use and cull from my life as an Independent Publishing Consultant and Book Coach, published author, and indie author in fiction! Most indie authors will do well to have their books on the Kindle, the Nook, and at Smashwords — which allows readers to download in multiple formats.


This Week of Publishing and Marketing

Literary agent, Nathan Bransford’s weekly fun and raucous report of the week’s publishing news: Upcoming San Francisco literary event: LitQuake, Oct. 1-9, 2010 “Local authors rumble through pubs, clubs and libraries for Litquake,...


What is

The Monday, “What Is That?” Series today features The weekly “What Is That?” Series highlights new publishing technologies in the ever-changing publishing world, especially for independent novelists. Nonfiction authors will find much value in these tool, too.


The Future of Publishing: Apps

Do you have an iPhone or the new iPad? Then, you’ll be familiar with apps. For the rest of us, “apps” are software applications that run on mobile devices, including the mobile Apple devices, and other smart phones.