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Third Person POV by Kay Keppler

The POV you use to write your novel helps shape the narrative and frame the story for maximum impact. Choosing which point of use to employ and being consistent with it are challenging. For clarity on how to use POV, dive into this post by novelist and editor, Kay Keppler.


Tips for Writing Literotica

This past December, Fifty Shades of Grey was named as England’s Book of the Year. I’ll pause for reaction. Right. A book that while many may have enjoyed, was actually horribly written. The editing was non-existent, the plot and character development was horrendously flawed, and the repetition, my God, was frankly, just too much. But it won anyway and has also been recognized as the UK’s best selling book. They have J.K. Rowling and Charles Dickens, but yet, Fifty Shades of Grey still tops out.

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How to Edit My Book

A lot of authors that wonder how to edit their book think there must be some system all the great authors use for editing, when the reality is each author is different. For example, I have my own unique set of frequent writing flaws, so I have my own way to edit my book. You’ll need to come up with a system of self-editing that’s tailored to your own writing needs.

Instead of telling you how to edit your novel, I’m going to give you tips on how to create your own system of editing.

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The Problem With Writing Erotica

The problem with writing erotica is trying to come up with a compelling plot. I’m not talking about erotic romance or erotic suspense or any sub genre of erotica, I’m talking purely about straight erotica. When writing erotica, sex must be the integral part of the storyline. Sex is what tells the tale, what makes our characters evolve, and what delivers the…ahem…climax at the end.