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Writer’s Fun Zone welcomes Guest Columnists!

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Blogging is a great way to gain clips, get exposure, and gain credibility. While Writer’s Fun Zone doesn’t pay writers, we do vet your article for good writing, quality content, and usefulness to our readers.

In exchange for posting on our blog, you get exposure, tweeted about, mentioned on Facebook, and all the rights revert back to you after one week after publication.

We don’t take all comers! And here’s the reason why:

Writer’s Fun Zone is here to provide useful and quality content to aspiring and active fiction writers. Let’s make writing fun and an adventure! We strive to shed light on the perilous path of writing your book, book marketing and publishing. And most importantly, we aim to bring a smile to our reader’s faces.

Because: we humans learn best when we’re having fun!

**Once approved, we will post your article within 1014 days, depending on what else is scheduled.

Published fiction authors, you are also invited to do a contest or giveaway from this blog! Let me know if you’d like to do that when you submit.

10 Reasons to be a Guest Blogger

Writer’s Guidelines

  • Length: ~750-1,000 words (ideal, though shorter and longer are fine too, as long as it’s compelling!)
  • Tone: Instructional/ how-to and friendly
  • Focus: Keep our purpose top-of-mind and make sure your article is aligned with it: to entertain and educate novelists and fiction writers with useful tips they can apply right away.
  • Content: See Topics below
  • Rights: By sending us your articles, we have one-time non-exclusive right to publish your article and related content. Also, you agree that the content you send is original to you or you have the rights to have the material, images included, published by Writer’s Fun Zone.
  • Exclusivity: We ask for a one-week (7 days) exclusive, counting from the date of publication on our blog. After that, re-post your work as you’d like. We’d like a mention (like: first published on Writer’s Fun Zone blogas your first (or previous) place of publication, but we’re not going to police you on that.
Become a Writer's Fun Zone columnist

This could be you!

I welcome guest posts from:

  • First and foremost: Fiction and creative nonfiction unpublished and published (indie, traditional, hybrid — all good!) authors. IMPORTANT: If you are not also a creative writer working on an author career, this isn’t the right blog for you.
  • Genre fiction novelists: at any stage of your writing career, whether you are just starting out, just published, or have multiple books published.
  • Writing coaches, consultants, and teachers. You need to also be a working writer, with actual life experience about writing your own stuff. 
  • Book publishing professionals: Agents, Editors, Publishers
  • NOTE: I no longer accept articles from individuals wanting to post articles for SEO or SEO firms. Please do not even query me.

Our Audience

  • Aspiring Writers
  • Published Authors
  • Educated
  • Men & Women, age 25+
  • Fiction & Creative Non-Fiction Writers

How to Submit

  • Submit a query first to this email address: query AT writersfunzone DOT comNew writers only. { If you’ve written for us before, follow these guidelines to submit your work. }
  • Subject line: QUERY for Writer’s Fun Zone.
  • State what your topic is.
  • State how you’re suited to be the writer on this topic.
  • Say one thing about a post you read on this blog and mention this blog by name.


Good luck!

Luck favors those who take action!


Topics for Writer’s Fun Zone:

Our readers love useful information on:

  • Book Marketing & Book Promotions: Tips and resources
  • Creativity: Fun tips on how to get moving in your writing
  • Writer’s Life: A slice of life of a writer’s day
  • Author interviews: Q&A featuring Genre Fiction Writers (when you query, ask for the Q&A form)
  • Book reviews on books helpful to creative writers. Click here for specific guidelines on writing book reviews for Writer’s Fun Zone.
  • Indie Authors resources and tips
  • Craft: Specific tips for serious fiction writers
  • A fun and snappy video of you chatting about a writing tip (Sorry! No book trailers.)
  • Author entrepreneurship: The business side of being a creative writer

Topics for other blogs Beth runs:


Authors: Once Approved (or Pre-Approved), please send to us here query AT writersfunzone DOT com with the subject line: WFZ [and your proposed article title] {thanks!}

  • Your article of 750-1,000 words, of course! As a word attachment. (Txt, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .pages are all good.) Thanks!
  • A 30-50 word bio. Please include with your article. In your bio, yes, please do include your social media links and a link to a freebie or other goodies.
  • A jpg of the book you’d like to feature and/or an image you have the rights to. Size: no greater that 600px square/ontal/vertical. Please attach.
  • A pinnable/shareable image, specs here. Like a list or steps. (Optional) [Purpose: Images are a powerful way to attract the attention of the people your article can help.]
  • A jpg image of you the author. (Ideal, but optional.) Please attach.
  • All your relevant links (your site/blog, socials, etc.) (Optional)
  • 2-4 books as resources that compliment your article, if appropriate. (Optional)

**And then: Once we receive your completed article, we usually post it within 10-14 days, sometimes sooner. The editor has the right to edit for clarity and length.

Become a Writer's Fun Zone columnistMonthly Columnists Welcome

If you’d like to write a regular column for us, please let me know in your query and send me 6 months worth of topics under a theme. Thanks!


Contact the editor, Beth Barany, via this blog’s Contact form (see top of the page), or directly at her site:



Guidelines to review books for Writer’s Fun Zone

Length: 500-1000 words

Send also:

  • your author bio, including social media links, your site link (if applicable)
  • author photo
  • book cover of the book you’re reviewing
  • links to the book on Amazon or the publisher

Think about writing a monthly review column for us!

If you love reading writing books, you’re also a creative writer, and you want to develop a nonfiction writing portfolio, this is a great way to break in.

NOTE: I may be able to get ARCS directly from the publisher, so you wouldn’t even have to buy or borrow the book.

Just starting your writing career and want to be a part of the book review team?


  1. Contact me with your writing CV/resume and a short cover letter on why you’d like to review books for us.
  2. Follow up if you haven’t heard from me in a week.

If you need help on how to write a review, go here:

Submit your review/query/request here:  query AT writersfunzone DOT com.


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Re: Your Rights: By sending us your articles, we have one-time non-exclusive right to publish your article and related content. Also, you agree that the content you send is original to you or you have the rights to have the material, images included, published by Writer’s Fun Zone.