Craft Great Villains to Write A Compelling Story

Craft Great Villains to Write A Compelling StoryHere are some resources for you to craft great villains to write a compelling story, drawn from the Writer’s Fun Zone blog.

Craft Great Villains

How Do You Develop a Villain? Developing Your Characters Part 5 by Beth Barany
– I reference a few books in this article.

Love Your Bad Guys by Kay Keppler
– An overview of villains vs. antagonists.

How to Build an Epic Rivalry Between Your Hero and Your Villain by Bonnie Johnston
– A 4-layered approach with an invite to Bonnie’s course on the topic.

Villains in Literature
– An overview to inspire you.

Learn How to Have a Life of Crime: Writing Crime Fiction By Margaret Lucke
– She has a book on writing crime fiction: Writing Mysteries:

5 Ways to Help Your Readers Fall in Love with Your Villain by Keri Kruspe
– When you love your villain, so will the reader.

Indie Author Feature: Creating Characters That Come Alive
– I like her take on developing her characters. Maybe it will be useful to you.

If you need help to craft great villains, then check out the articles above.


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