Social Media For Fiction Authors: Show Up Everyday, Okay Regularly. Really.

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Welcome to my Social Media Tips for Authors Series, where I offer you tips to put into practice so that you can:

  • Connect with your readers and get to know them
  • Let them get to know you
  • Build your network
  • Contribute to your tribe!
  • Be of service
  • Create your author platform

So you can sell more books!

Social media is: Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, other specialized online networks like Yahoo Groups, Forums, YouTube, etc.

All the tips in this series and more will be covered in my upcoming Social Media for Fiction Authors course starting June 20th. (Space is limited so sign up now!)

Today’s Tip #1: Show Up Ever Day, Okay Regularly. Really.

Major confession time. I stopped blogging regularly a few days ago, and my traffic has been cut in half. And I started blogging more about a topic that is probably not that interesting to most of my readers: my new novel’s blog tour.

So two major faux pas, but I’m just going to concentrate on the first one.

Let my mistakes serve… even though I’m embarrassed to reveal… reveal I have.

I hear all the excuses about not blogging/social networking regularly — because they’re running through my head. And my clients and workshop attendees tell me.

So perhaps you see your pet excuse here:

  1. I don’t have the time.
  2. I have to write my novel.
  3. I have a day job.
  4. I have nothing to say. (Writers, really?!)
  5. I don’t have anything worthy to say.
  6. Who is my audience?
  7. Nobody wants to hear what I have to say. (Variation of #5.)
  8. Who reads all those blogs anyway? (Don’t blog if you don’t want to; tweet instead!)

I’m sure there’s more. What’s yours?!

Writers, I celebrate our excuses. They’re pretty creative, right? Points for that! And for recognizing that they are excuses.

We can let our excuses run us, but then we’d have never written that novel/run that marathon/climbed that mountain/visited a new country… And I bet you’ve done something like one or many of these things.

Recently, a friend said she hated doing the same thing every day. I said,”I bet there are some things you do every day.” She couldn’t think of anything, so I named them for her: Eating, sleeping, brushing her teeth, and other bodily functions. You get the picture.

If you just show up regularly, and even every day if possible, then you will start to get the results you want with social media.

Yes, regularly. Like writing that novel.

Do I really need to convince you why?

Write me here if you need convincing! And I’ll point you to my book sales/speaking opportunities/clients/blogging on higher visibility blogs I received from showing up regularly on social media. Yep! Real world results. Pretty cool, huh?

Oh, and showing up regularly means showing up as a leader with something to say, share, give…

I know each one of you has a message to the world, and that is why you’re drawn to novel writing.

I also know that we’re eager to know about you, learn about you, and benefit from your unique take on the world.

Showing up regularly is really about allowing yourself to shine and succeed!

Are you ready?!

If you’re ready and curious to learn more about getting in action around social media, and I know you are because you’re reading this post! and you’d like to actually getting into action (because there is a difference about think about doing and the actual doing!), check out my new course Social Media for Fiction Authors starting June 20th! Space is limited!


I’m doing a countdown for my 10 Social Media Tips for Authors. Read more! Previous posts in the series:

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  1. Robin Moore says:

    Thanks, Beth! You’ve convinced me to “show up everyday”, err, well most days.

    I’ve noticed that when I hit “LIKE” buttons on others’ blogs, I end up w/ more traffic on my blog! Leaving a comment seems to boost the traffic more too.

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