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Blogging on Books on Blogging by Catharine Bramkamp

So, in an unexamined fit of self- improvement, I Googled blogging and yes, found a self-described expert.  He offered membership in the master mind program, I could subscribe to his newsletter, I could sign up for a free online class, I could download white papers, I could buy his book.


A Writer’s Shame by Annmarie Miles

Have you ever felt it? The burning shame of knowing that you haven’t blogged in ages. When you look in your bag and your notebook is staring at you, all wounded and bereft because you haven’t opened it in a while. You WIP’s protagonist, who you once knew better than you know yourself, is now a distant stranger. You watch wistfully, and with more than a smidgeon of envy, the Facebook posts of writers who are blogging, editing and publishing like the wind. If you have felt such things, then you know what it is to feel it. The shame of the writer, who is not writing.