Tip #2: Expanding Your Social Networking Circle from 0 to 100

Welcome to my Social Media Tips for Authors Series, where I offer you tips to put into practice so that you can:

  • Connect with your readers and get to know them
  • Let them get to know you
  • Build your network
  • Contribute to your tribe!
  • Be of service
  • Create your author platform

So you can sell more books!

Social media is: Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, other specialized online networks like Yahoo Groups, Forums, YouTube, etc.

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Today’s Tip #2: Expanding Your Social Networking Circle from 0 to 100

Many authors stare at me with a stunned look on their face when faced with the prospect of making new connections on social media. It can be daunting, confusing, scary even.

We may think that we’re starting with nothing and that’s a scary prospect.

But actually, we all already have a social circle. We just need to recreate it in a new place and grow upon that.

This post was inspired by a question one of my clients asked me recently:

Q: How do I go about expanding my circle in a way that’s going to make sense to me?

She totally on the right track with the notion of “circle.”

Here’s what I said to her and thought would be useful for you, expanded and edited for you, my blog readers.

A: Import your email accounts into Facebook and Twitter (and LinkedIn, if you like) and see which or your friends are already on these networks.

That’s the easiest place to begin.


A Friend of Friend…

Then I suggest you see who your friends follow and see if they look like interesting people to you.

In fact, that is the criterion I used when I first started:

Who is interesting to me? Who is interesting to you? Who would you like to have a conversation, about what, and why?

This interest can entirely be based on the things you like to learn and to chat about: hobbies like cats, books, writing, travel, etc., things you think may advance your career or help you be a better writer.


Ever-Expanding Concentric Circles

I see building your platform or your list as ever-expanding concentric circles, a spiral even, starting with who you already know and who is already on Twitter. (Or Facebook, Goodreads, whatever platform you’re starting to use.)

Then you connect with the friends of friends and some on.

It is never like shouting into the void (unless you want it to be!)

It’s always about linking with those you’re already connected to in some way that you’re comfortable with and makes sense to you.


What You Don’t Want

You may also want to be clear on who you don’t want to follow — This is important information, and may be a place to start for many of you.


If you’re curious to learn more about getting in action around social media and actually getting into action, check out my new course Social Media for Fiction Authors starting June 20th! Space is limited!


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