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Q&A with Cindy Kehagiaras

Enjoy this Author Q&A with Cindy Kehagiaras, sharing about her inspirations, challenges, writing habits, and future plans.

What is Copyright? by Kelley Way 0

What is Copyright? by Kelley Way

Most everyone has heard of copyright but there’s still some confusion on what is copyright and what it protects. Read for a clear explanation from author and estate planner, Kelley Way.


Getting Intimate with Your Characters by Kay Keppler

A famous author once said that every book should contain a love story. Now, that author might not have thought that the love story needed a sex scene, but many novelists writing in every genre do include sex scenes in their books. And there’s a problem with that.


My Favorite Monsters by Nevada McPherson

Halloween is on its way; time to get out Boney, our life-size skeleton decoration. He’s been around for several years now. His skull fell off his neck, but we repaired him and now he’s sitting in a fold-out chair on our porch, waving at passers-by, his skeleton hand high in the air.