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Social Media For Fiction Authors: Show Up Everyday, Okay Regularly. Really.

Major confession time. I stopped blogging regularly a few days ago, and my traffic has been cut in half. And I started blogging more about a topic that is probably not that interesting to most of my readers: my new novel’s blog tour. So two major faux pas, but I’m just going to concentrate on the first one.


Author Entrepreneur: Failing at Journaling

I am failing at journal writing. I’m participating in two journaling communities in which you share your day and your posts and in doing so, you will magically chart your inextricably progress towards the achievement of self-realization and future success.


Tip #2: Expanding Your Social Networking Circle from 0 to 100

Many authors stare at me with a stunned look on their face when faced with the prospect of making new connections on social media. It can be daunting, confusing, scary even. We may think that we’re starting with nothing and that’s a scary prospect. But actually, we all already have a social circle. We just need to recreate it in a new place and grow upon that.


Social Media Tip for Authors #3: Do What You Love/Like/Enjoy

Many authors think they have to do everything in social media, but cringe when they think if using _______ . (Fill in the blank with Facebook or Twitter or blogging or another social media tool.) And that keeps us away from even experimenting. But actually you just need to get active in the one (or two) venues you enjoy. Because your passion shows through!