Spark Your Creativity Through the Numbers for Writers: #3

3 is the number of creativity

3 is the number of creativity

This is #3 in a series of articles on Spark Your Creativity Through the Numbers for Writers, a new weekly series designed to inspire, motivate and get you writing up a storm! Tips shared here are inspired by my e-book, Overcome Writer’s Block, and will soon also be part of a course at We Write Books community. For now enjoy the free 52-week journaling course! Writer, Know Thyself!

The number three is a wonderful number, and complicates things in a fun and creative way, depending on your perspective!

We went from singular — 1 — to dual — 2 —  to triangular, which adds a whole new layer, don’t you think?

Spark: In what way can the number three add tension and conflict to your story, add another dimension, below or above the surface? Play! Get sparked! And manifest the number three into your writing today.

Three — 3 — inspires mischief in me. It can also inspire:

  • Play
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Triad
  • Speaker, Receiver, Observer
  • Triangle relationships
  • Tension
  • Work
  • Holy trinity
  • Mother, father, child
  • Crone, Mother, Maiden
  • More on the number 3 at Spiritual Numerology. (I have no affiliation with this site. Just like them!)

The previous posts in this series  — the list — or individually: Number 1, Number 2.

Enjoy a life fully lived!

Get Overcome Writer’s Block and get writing now! Yes, today! Why wait?!

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