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Open Call for Nonfiction Essays for Anthology by Erin Lale

Each chapter will be an essay by a different author on what they’ve learned through inspiration to write fiction, through applying the universal truths of their lives to fiction, and other gnosis learned through the process of writing. Wherever this wisdom comes from, it all qualifies as long as it occurred in the author’s mind due to writing fiction.


5 Tools to Get Your Novel Done

Many people think getting their novel done is all about having a cat do all the work for them, but actually cats have more writing handicaps than people realize. In this video you’ll learn...


Video: How To Price Your Ebooks

Welcome to Q & A Wednesdays by Book Mentor, Ezra Barany. This week Ezra addresses how to price your ebooks. Good news! This week’s winner of a 30-minute complimentary consultation of your book with Ezra is:...


VIDEO: Movie Trailer for Hanna

Kick ass heroine. Wild child. Trained assassin for a purpose. I choose this week’s video because it intrigues me and because I want to see how this powerful girl-woman is portrayed. I’m glad we’re...


Thinking Outside the Box

Welcome to our bi-weekly posts from guest columnist, Bobbye Terry. This week she offers fun tips for thinking outside the box. We’re curious to hear your tips too! Share your thoughts with us! Thanks!...