Spark Your Creativity Through the Numbers: #1

Number 1

You're Number 1!

This is #1 in a series of articles on Spark Your Creativity Through the Numbers for Writers, a new weekly series designed to inspire you, motivate you and get you writing up a storm! Tips shared here are inspired by my e-book, Overcome Writer’s Block, and will soon also be part of a course at We Write Books community. For now enjoy the free 52-week journaling course! Writer, Know Thyself!

I love numbers. They’re simple, unambiguous, and offer much in their simplicity. Take the number 1.

Unique. Simple. Vertical. 😉

In numerology, one has many meanings. Which ones do you like? Which one resonate? Which ones spur your creativity? Peruse this list then write about your main character using what you find here:

  • individual
  • aggressor
  • yang
  • original
  • creative spark
  • inventive
  • will
  • determination
  • courage
  • initiative
  • executive ability
  • leader
  • force
  • self-determination
  • strong opinions
  • masculine
  • dominance
  • willfulness
  • impulsive
  • boastful
  • “know-it-all”
  • egotism
  • cynicism
  • contrariness
  • talkative
  • action
  • daring
  • exploring

I’m inspired to tell you that I give clairvoyant reading and healings to creatives. My love of knowing oneself has been deeply developed and cultivated… I humbly submit to you…

Life a life fully lived!

Get Overcome Writer’s Block and get writing now! Yes, today! Why wait?!

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