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Ignore the Fear and Write! by Jami Gray

We all face it, that frightening moment when our flying fingers pause mid-motion over the keyboard. Wait, was that the wrong tense? Did I say that before? Is that a realistic reaction from my character? Oh pink elephants, that’s too predictable!


One Writer’s Journey from The Beginning A Step-by-Step Beginner Writers Guide – Part 3 How to Write Your Novel Without Having a Background in Writing by Raina Schell

Here’s where we talk about plotters and pantsers. If you don’t know the definitions – a plotter is a writer who outlines their book before beginning to write it while a pantser writes from “the seat of their pants” with no outline. Kind of like writing from the stream of consciousness. I don’t think a survey has been taken but from what I’ve seen, most writers are plotters. Yet there are many famous pantsers too.


Write what you know…emotionally

From the library of Beth’s writing resources, a quote from Lisa Cron’s book, WIRED FOR STORY: “MYTH: Write what you know. REALITY: Write what you know emotionally.” I love this quote because, well, it...


Finding the Perfect Place to Write – a Field Guide to Procrastination by Catharine Bramkamp

From wanting to know if James Patterson uses a special pen to wondering what kind of perfect program Jon Green has loaded into his computer, we think that if only the specific talisman for good writing is identified, then purchased, possession will make us instantly famous. Except no matter what kind of special pen you own, you still must use it.


Thinking Outside the Box

Welcome to our bi-weekly posts from guest columnist, Bobbye Terry. This week she offers fun tips for thinking outside the box. We’re curious to hear your tips too! Share your thoughts with us! Thanks!...


Why I Write: Dialogue With Self

I write to know I exist. I write therefore I am. I write to dialogue with myself. I write to integrate the parts within. Writing in my journal is like reporting in from all sides.

Shut Up and Write — I Don’t Care If You Write 2

Shut Up and Write — I Don’t Care If You Write

Oi. That’s controversial. The “shut up and write” part was inspired by a meetup group by the same name. The “I don’t care if you do” has been running around in my head for a while. What do I mean by it?