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Room to Bloom by Nevada McPherson

When you sit down to create a novel, graphic novel, screenplay, or any other piece of writing, chances are you have a purpose in mind—an idea to get across, or just characters and a story to share with the world.


Open Call for Nonfiction Essays for Anthology by Erin Lale

Each chapter will be an essay by a different author on what they’ve learned through inspiration to write fiction, through applying the universal truths of their lives to fiction, and other gnosis learned through the process of writing. Wherever this wisdom comes from, it all qualifies as long as it occurred in the author’s mind due to writing fiction.


Two Projects at Once by Raina Schell

Are you trying to edit one novel while writing another? This is what many writers find themselves having to do. Maybe you recently finished a novel, during NaNo perhaps. Or you wrote one awhile back and shelved it. Regardless, unless you edit that manuscript several times over it won’t be ready for prime time.


When It All Turns Bad by Jami Gray

In January I started a new series project. This time I did it right. During my writing career I’ve morphed from a complete pantser (one who dives in with no set plan) to an assisted pantser (one who must have significant sign posts to complete the story journey safely). With my first series, The Kyn Kronicles,


World Building for Novelists by Beth Barany

In August 2014, I was interviewed by progressive science fiction author, Michelle Murrain, on my views on world building in fantasy for the monthly Broad Universe podcasts. We discussed the philosophy of world-building for...


Fall in Love with Writing Your Novel (Again)

Are you in love with writing your novel? Do you love your writing? Really love writing? The whole process, from inspiration to writer’s block to editing? Would you like to learn how to love...


Turn Fan Fiction to Original Fiction by Erin Lale

There are many more things one could write about with respect to Norse mythology and the Norse gods (which is actually a misnomer, since the culture which gave rise to the mythology spanned the whole of northern Europe north of the Roman Empire and predated the development of modern nation-states.


Writing Dialogue: What You Say After Said by Kay Keppler

Welcome to the next installment of craft posts by monthly guest columnist, Kay Keppler, on novel writing. Today she’ll help you with writing dialogue. You can contact Kay through the Writer’s Fun Zone or at kaykeppler AT yahoo DOT com to ask...