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The Restless Artist: The Inventor by Catharine Bramkamp 0

The Restless Artist: The Inventor by Catharine Bramkamp

The restless artist is an inventor, happiest when she is creating the next great thing, so how can she become a success this way? Learn more from Catharine Bramkamp, author of Writing from the Queen’s Seat: Discover and Write From Your Authentic Authority.

Breaking the Rules by Catharine Bramkamp 0

Breaking the Rules by Catharine Bramkamp

In these rule breaking times, we need a different approach to how we drag our books across the finish line. As artists, writers can approach our books with the same spirit as artists who create public art. Because a book IS public art.


Revise Your Way to Success by Kay Keppler

You need an editor to make your writing shine, and the first red pen that touches your draft should be your own. Learn how to revise, and especially, learn how to delete. Read Strunk & White’s Elements of Style or some other book that shows you how to strip verbiage, and then apply what you’ve learned to your manuscript.


A Recipe for Writing and Personal Success By Carol Malone

Happy New Year! Time for resolutions and goal setting. Time for me to freak out. I’ve always hated the words goal and resolution. Oh, I had them – the same every year: lose weight, save money, get out of debt. But I never thought about the plans, the schedules, the hard work it took to achieve those goals, so I bailed and failed and told myself that it was better not to have goals so I could save myself from anxiety and disappointment.


Winners Keep Score by Beth Barany

The Prize As a writer, the prize is our finished book. That’s how we are winners. Winning also means publishing our books and getting readers. Congratulations for showing up for yourself, your creativity, and...


VIDEO: Overcoming Arts True Test: Discipline

Enjoy our weekly video in our Sunday Videos for Authors series. While artists are known for following whims and dodging routine, the Irish painter Guggi insists that hard-work, structure, and a refusal to put down even the most frustrating piece, are the keys to developing ones talent.