Winners Keep Score by Beth Barany

The Sun, Tarot by Crowley and Lady Frieda HarrisThe Prize

As a writer, the prize is our finished book. That’s how we are winners. Winning also means publishing our books and getting readers.

Congratulations for showing up for yourself, your creativity, and your book.

Celebrate your commitment and make a plan for your success.

Success Tip:

Create small, measurable, and doable daily goals. For me that shows up as word count when I’m writing my first drafts. When I’m editing, I make my goals either time-based — spend 1 hour — or content-based — focus on rewriting just this one part.

In this way you can track your progress and feel that you are actually making progress.

How will you keep score? How will you know that you are progressing?

Write me and share your discoveries and ahas. For those of you on Twitter, share it there too and tag it with the hashtag: #writersuccess. You can also tag me: @beth_barany. You can also share your Aha and discoveries on my Fan page here.

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