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4 Ways To Develop Your Authentic Voice For Book Marketing Success

Welcome to Artist Entrepreneur Fridays, where we focus having a successful author career from the business and strategic perspectives. This week I have another guest post from Matthew Ashdown, Book Promotion Specialist with FriesenPress. FriesenPress is a fee-for-service self-publisher. Matthew offers 4 ways to develop your authentic voice for your book marketing success.


What is Author Central on Amazon?

“How many books have you sold? Find out on Amazon Central’s new feature that connects authors to Nielsen BookScan. It’s information that, previously, only publishers could access. Authors had to wait for bi-annual royalty...


This Week in Book Sales and Marketing

It’s Friday and here, in no particular timelime order… my reporting and cheeky opinion about this week’s news in book sales and marketing. If you have something you think should be included in this list, like a book marketing campaign that really helped your sales, or get publicity, email me using the contact form above, and I may include it in my weekly biased and random list.


Marketing and Sales for Authors (Bestseller, anyone?!)

Just writing the title of this post made me cringe. Yet… Marketing and sales is the lifeblood of an author. Isn’t it? Most authors think that it’s just enough to write the d**m book, and make it the best they can — marketing and sales be d**mned. Or maybe they know they can move 2,000 books, but not the 10,000 in 2 weeks that will guarantee them…