What is Author Central on Amazon?

Amazon Author Central“How many books have you sold? Find out on Amazon Central’s new feature that connects authors to Nielsen BookScan. It’s information that, previously, only publishers could access. Authors had to wait for bi-annual royalty reports to learn how many books they sold. No longer. Read more in this Los Angeles Times piece. Amazon is doing this to entice authors to register for its free service, but also, the company says, to empower authors and boost their marketing strategies. That, of course, is a mission I share. You can register for Amazon’s Author Central here.”

(Excerpted from Bill & Steve Harrison’s Reporter Connection, dated 12/23/2010.)

I share Bill and Steve mission too!

Anything and everything we can do to empowere ourselves as authors I’m all for it.

What tools, tips or strategies would make your life easier as an author? Do tell!

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