Marketing and Sales for Authors (Bestseller, anyone?!)


Just writing the title of this post made me cringe.


Marketing and sales is the lifeblood of an author. Isn’t it?

Most authors think that it’s just enough to write the d**m book, and make it the best they can — marketing and sales be d**mned. Or maybe they know they can move 2,000 books, but not the 10,000 in 2 weeks that will guarantee them a spot on the bestsellers list. (Um, there are no guarantees about that place on the bestsellers list. Go here for what it takes to really crack the bestsellers list.) Or maybe the thought of marketing and selling their books makes them run fast and far in the opposite direction.

I hear you.

Marketing and selling your book can be fun, actually, if you focus on what’s fun for YOU about getting the word out about your book, so the good news can go viral.

If you just make sure your message is crystal clear, make it easy to forward your message, make it easy for people to buy your book, and take specific actions that generate enthusiasm for YOU, then you have a shot at the bestsellers list.

Want to learn more? Then come to my upcoming complimentary lecture on Sell Books With Social Networking: How to Be A Bestselling Author Thursday, August 5 in Oakland, CA at TechLiminal.

Or check out these articles:

And some sites on book marketing:

How do you really feel about book marketing? Is it a necessary evil for you? Or, have you come to terms with it?

I honestly am still integrating the best way to rock-n-roll with my marketing and sales, and am determined to make marketing and sales work for the creative soul I am!

Join me on this adventure! I have every confidence that I can have all my books do well in the marketplace. (Secret handshake: Persistence pays!)

c. 2010 Beth Barany

Beth Barany is the editor of the best-selling anthology of stories by UC Berkeley alumni, the bestseller, When I Was There: Life at Berkeley 1960-2010. Beth works with clients in the US, Canada, and Europe, and gives talk nationally and internationally. She also writes young adult fantasy novels. Beth can be contacted through her site:, and through her blog, full off resources,

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  • Erin Lale says:

    What’s scary about marketing my book? Um, feeling like I’m about to fall asleep at the wheel and crash on the highway? Getting heat stroke in a campsite at a music festival 26 miles from the nearest air conditioning? Hearing an ominous thump sound and seeing in my rear view mirror, my tire roll down the highway at 70mph? Pulling back the sheet in my motel room and having something fly out? Having a load of large barrels come loose from the big rig in front of me and roll all over the highway? The book tour: isn’t this grand fun?

  • Beth Barany says:

    OMG Erin! Real obstacles, enough to fill a few books! What’s the upside for you? So good to hear from you, btw. And good luck with your book!

  • Time consumption is the big problem for me. Strange enough I’m enjoying most of it, but then it’s first time, so it’s all new. Thanks for the links – very helpful.

  • Beth Barany says:

    Tahlia, glad you liked the links. Yes, time consumption can be a big problem. there is a big time investment to see results, then over time, your efforts will pay off and you will be able to spend less time marketing and more time doing other writing-related activities.

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