Online Writing Resources: Marketing Your Writing

Online Networking for Professionals

Online Networking for Professionals

This post is a first in a series on online resources for writers. I used an online resources to cull my material: LinkedIn, as well as my own research. Some of you may wonder what LinkedIn is. It’s a online network for professionals. More details here.

Online Market Listings

  • PublishersWeekly: THE book industry publication. Okay, one of a few. Find out what’s selling, who’s buying, and all the scuttlebutt in the industry.
  • PublishersLunch:  Find out who just got picked up by which publisher sold by which agent for a ballpark figure. Fun, bite-size, daily morsels from inside the publishing industry.
  • Writer’s Marketplace: The online version of the tome by the same name. Yes, you need to pay to have full access. You can check it out FREE for 30 days, which could be a good tactic if you’re doing short targeted research to marketing your work.
  • Independent Book Publishers Association (formerly PMA): While one must pay to get their print newsletter, they have plenty of free online articles to help us undertstand the fast-moving 21st century publishing world.
  • Duotrope’s Digest: “a database of over 2275 current markets for short fiction, poetry, and novels/collections” “My favorite tool is probably Duotrope’s digest. It’s a market list for everything from poetry to novels. There are also submission statistics for each market, a theme calendar for markets with themes, a tracking feature (not the best one of those, though), and a What’s New page which includes new markets, market updates, and lists of the latest submission responses w/response times. It’s a fabulous tool.” – Lisa Koosis, Independent Contractor/Writing and Editing Professional (from LinkedIn)

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