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Fiction Physics (remember, the F in Physics is for fun!) by Catharine Bramkamp

I work with an engineer on the show – someone devoted to reality as much as he’s devoted to fantasy. Interestingly my son is a Geo-Physicist and is equally passionate about fantasy and science fiction. Which should be a lesson to writers: even brilliant people read to be transported to far away lands. Remember that you are writing for brilliant readers, some even more brilliant than you.


Leveraging Limitations for Greater Creativity and Productivity by Brian James Lane

Often times, you may hear that to be successful in your creative endeavors you need to “think outside the box”. This is sound advice. There is nothing more infinite than what is outside the conventional. There is also nothing more boundless than the blank page. Sometimes, creativity may need to be reined in so as not to be overwhelmed. What better place than a box to give your inspiration some form? A small box.


The Three-Part Plot by Jennifer Snow (A Year To Publication column)

Writing a 90k word novel can be a daunting task for any writer-new or established, but thinking about the work in progress in smaller pieces/stages can often help eliminate some anxiety and provide a loose outline to work with. I like to think of my stories as a three-part play-The Problem, The Middle Action, and The Resolution.


How to Write a Blockbuster by Kay Keppler

Many people have said it, but you can never hear it too often: the way to write a book that readers will find irresistible is to answer the basic questions of who, what, why, and why not.


Plot: It’s What Happens after the Shower

Everybody knows what plot is, right? It’s action. Action drives stories. Without action, without plot, you’ve got no story. Simple. But not all actions are equal. For actions to be plot, they must have consequences. Actions without consequences are setting or description.