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Building Plot in Your Story by Kay Keppler 2

Building Plot in Your Story by Kay Keppler

If plot stymies you, as it does many people, you might be able to stimulate some ideas by thinking about your characters and what is likely to happen to a person like that. Ask yourself these questions. By novelist and editor, Kay Kappler.


Getting Intimate with Your Characters by Kay Keppler

A famous author once said that every book should contain a love story. Now, that author might not have thought that the love story needed a sex scene, but many novelists writing in every genre do include sex scenes in their books. And there’s a problem with that.


Get More from Your Settings by Kay Keppler

Have you ever picked up a book and read back cover copy that sent shivers down your spine? You know what I mean: stories located in a peaceful country garden filled with sweetpeas and butterflies, or the brooding castle that bristles with medieval weaponry—these are the settings that tell you what adventures lie in store.