What is an Artist Entrepreneur?

To define what an artist entrepreneur is I think we first need to define what an artist is and what an entrepreneur is.

But why even go there?

I’ll tell you why. To sort out my mixed up identity and claim something I think can exist but no one teaches. And maybe I’m stubborn that way.

I’m an artist who sees an opportunity to serve and thereby make a living. As an author of fiction and nonfiction, I teach what I’ve learned to others. As a coach and a consultant, I serve in a way that helps my author clients reach their goals of writing, marketing and publishing their books and other works.

The skills that go into being an artist — imagination, persistence, dedication, introspection and lots of and lots of time — also serve me well as an entrepreneur.

I like the word “entrepreneur.” Maybe because it’s a French word and I like and speak French. (Though the French don’t use the word like Americans do.) For me it connotes seeing opportunity and seizing it; it’s about going for it, that risky move when you tell people you can help them and then you do, to everyone’s satisfaction, and you get paid for it, too.

I claim that an artist entrepreneur isn’t afraid to make money for her art, and is willing to learn the art of running a business to make that happen.

What is an Artist Entrepreneur to you?

Am I blowing smoke here? Is this a new perspective? How can we help and support each other in this new awareness? I’d love to hear your take on this topic, too!

Comment below! Thanks!

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  • Well put Beth! I agree with your definition as you will see when you receive the manuscript of my book” My Real Job is Being an Artist.”

  • Beth Barany says:

    Aletta, Thanks for stopping by! And I got your manuscript today. Look forward to reviewing!

  • >