Creativity Sparked by the Numbers: A Contributor’s Poem

Catharine Bramkamp, Author, Poet, Writing CoachThis is a special post in my series of articles on Spark Your Creativity Through the Numbers for Writers, posted on Saturdays, an ongoing series designed to inspire, motivate and get you writing up a storm!

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We have a special guest poem today submitted by Catharine Bramkamp. Her book of poetry from Finishing Line Press will be available soon: Ammonia Sunrise. She asked me to spread the word about how you can purchase advance copies now. (Scroll down to see her book.)

Enjoy her counting poem!


1 is solo and rather indifferent to the emotional displays of the others

2 is gregarious and actually quite adorable, everything turns out so well with 2

3 is innocent and easily led

4 loves  five with a sad unrequited resignation. She resents six

5 is the all around, frat president. He travels confidently in the middle of the pack

6 is jealous of both five and seven; like a middle child without the looks.

7 is a cheerleader and understands the pain of 6 but doesn’t really help out much

8 is bossy and so resentful of 9 that she takes it out on other numbers, particularly 3

9 is perfect because everything he does – leads back to him.  He’s not as big as

10 but what can you do?

with all this passion and infighting

wrought by adding, subtracting

multiplying these numbers.

the intrigue, the unintended consequences

the resentments during long division

is it any wonder that all hell broke loose

when letters were introduced?

who is X and who is Y?

what do they want?

why must they change everything?

so nothing adds up?

to escape these unintended consequences

I studied literature.


Catharine Bramkamp is an author and writing coach. For more information, visit her blog at


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  • Kim Sessions says:

    I have written a few poems over the last several years, however never quite sure if it is acceptable or even liked by anyone. I have shared a few and have never received any feedback. Is this a good place to share them?

  • Beth Barany says:

    Kim, This isn’t the right venue, though you could check out other sites like or Good luck!

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