Video: How To Price Your Ebooks

Welcome to Q & A Wednesdays by Book Mentor, Ezra Barany. This week Ezra addresses how to price your ebooks.

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And thank you to author, Dixon Rice, author of Montana is Burning and The Assassin’s Club, for sending in this question!

At what price would you set your e-book? Does it matter? Indeed it does! Watch the video and see what Ezra has to say on the matter!

Here’s our question for you: What are your thoughts on ebook pricing?


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  • Thank you, good information. I have a free book that launches a series and the subsequent books at 2.99 and 3.99. I loved your idea of a “sale” during strategic times. Thank you, good advice and nice video work!


  • Ezra Barany says:

    Thank you, Catharine! Coming from you that means a lot! (Beth told me how awesome you are!)


  • It’s been a busy day, and I finally made time to look at your video. Lots of good info – it’s nice to see someone with an actual ebook strategy, instead of just throwing darts at a board. I’ve got a twisted sense of humor also, and enjoyed your performance.

    In what my daughter used to call a co-inky-dink, you’re the featured guest blogger on my Wredheaded Writer blog tomorrow (Thursday, Sept 8).

  • I’m just learning about the whole e-book market and its strategies. Your ideas seem to make excellent sense and I’m tucking them away for use in the near (I hope!) future 😉 Oh, and, your accents weren’t bad ! I’d buy most of them for $2.99 apiece !

  • >