Me me me me me … it’s all about me! by Annmarie Miles

MeMeMeWelcome Annmarie Miles once again for another month with the Writer’s Fun Zone. In today’s article she shares with us that being a little bit narcissistic as an author is okay. It’s all about me! Enjoy!


I am quite a confident person. In a room full of strangers it might take me a while, but eventually I will be chatting, laughing, sharing and telling stories, (and if I’m totally honest, trying to command the conversation).

When it comes to marketing my book, it has surprised me how shy I have been. I’ve deliberately erred on the side of caution as it drives me mad when I see twitter feeds streaming with constant publication of the same thing again and again and again. Nothing puts me off a product more than having it consistently shoved in my face. (Unless it’s chocolate!)

So as the dilemma rolls around my head about how much is too much and how much more I should really be doing, the one thing I have not been able to get away with is writing a bio and profile about myself for different publications, distributors, press releases etc.

Thankfully, I had already gotten used to writing about myself and my work, because early in my blogging life I learned the importance of the “About Me” page. I mentioned before about how important it is to write a good “about” page, but I understand that sometimes it can be hard to talk about yourself.

So how do we create an engaging and sharp “About” page without turning into narcissistic idiots?

Truth is we need to be a teenzy bit narcissistic to do it. Only in a good way though. We need to bite the bullet and talk about ourselves for a little while. A small “me, me, me” moment won’t do you any harm.

Here’s a few things to consider…

1.  Make sure your name is somewhere obvious on the page.  Pretty basic huh? You’d be surprised how many about pages don’t have a name in them. It’s great to have a fun name for your blog, but make sure that the readers know who you are.

2.  Are you brave enough for a photo?  People connect so much better if there is a face behind the name. It doesn’t have to be a professional portrait. A fun casual photo of you doing normal life stuff will do

3.  Ask someone to help you write a list of the best things about your blog/writing. It’s easier for someone else to say things.

4.  Write it in the 3rd person if you can’t stand too many ‘I do this’ and ‘I do thats’.

5.  Be honest. Simple as that.

6.  Make it fun and interactive – Share an interesting fact about yourself or your favourite writing quote. And maybe ask a question of the reader to do the same…

Whatever you do with your “About” page, make sure you have one. If someone visits your blog, they’ll want to know who’s behind the writing.


Annmarie Miles

Annmarie Miles is 40something, Irish, Christian, married, and proud to be all of those things. She loves words, music & chocolate! You can find out all about her and her book The Long & The Short of It” at the new website:

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