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What is Author Central on Amazon?

“How many books have you sold? Find out on Amazon Central’s new feature that connects authors to Nielsen BookScan. It’s information that, previously, only publishers could access. Authors had to wait for bi-annual royalty...


How to Be a Bestseller on Amazon

Understanding how Amazon sales ranking works isn’t just for techies. All authors need to understand how Amazon works so they can use the system to their advantage, and so they be an Amazon bestseller, too.


How do books get on the best-seller list?

by Ashley Hayes — Many new writers dream of having their books on the best-seller list, but how does a writer accomplish this? Newspapers around the globe publish their own best-seller lists, looking at...


Post Your Blog on Kindle

Authors, are you searching for ways to become more visible to your readers? Do you want to stay a step ahead of the crowd in terms of cool technology? Or are you just in love with the idea of getting more eyeballs on your books? Then, check out Amazon’s new publishing program, Kindle Publishing for Blogs.