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Amazing July Sale for Fiction Writers!

It’s a sale! July 14th is the 11th anniversary of my business helping writers. I chose July 14th to file for a city business license on purpose, as I’m a Francophile and have lived...


Amazing July 2018 Sale for Fiction Writers!

Did you know writing a novel can be fun and serious at the same time? Well, it can be! That’s how we teach writing fiction at our online school because we know you write...


Authors: Turn to Kickstarter to Launch Your Book by Scott Lorenz

To take the greatest advantage of the technology of the 21st Century a tool some authors are turning to is Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a virtual place where authors, musicians, app developers, inventors and others go to recruit people to support their creative project.


E-Book Week: the How and Why of E-Books

Did you know that this week, March 8-14, 2009 is Read an E-Book Week? Whether you read books on your computer or in a reader like the Kindle, Sony eReader or your iPhone, enjoy free downloads here. The world of publishing is changing faster than ever, with the means of production and distribution in writer’s hands at a lower and lower price.


The Writer’s Adventure Guide

I am excited to give you a sneak peek of my upcoming e-course, The Writer’s Adventure Guide. Check out your FREE report here: The course will be launching soon!