Video: La Femme Nikita, movie trailer — one of my favorite movies of all time!

One of my favorite movies of all times — La Femme Nikita — by Luc Besson. I love her gutsiness, her stubbornness, and her fragility. I have to say I love the soundtrack too. It’s moody, a bit dangerous, and sensual, like Nikita.

When I wrote Henrietta The Dragon Slayer I had Nikita’s particular brand of fearlessness in mind. Let’s just say Nikita inspired me to continue with my dream of creating a kick ass heroine who also discovers more of her human softness.

I admit that this trailer really caters to those who already know the story, ’cause the trailer doesn’t say a damn thing about the story…

For those who don’t know: La Femme Nikita: “Convicted felon Nikita, instead of going to jail, is given a new identity and trained, stylishly, as a top secret spy/assassin.”

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