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When Do Heroes Sleep?

Since I write heroic fiction, I am a hero, too, right? So when do we sleep? Right now, I’m being a hero for my clients… and Henrietta … Still getting enough sleep would be...


Who Loves Xena Warrior Princess? I Do!

I just love Xena’s joy, glee and grit. I love her toughness, and also her sad heart. Love Gabrielle and the jester too. Little know fact: the jester in Xena inspired my character, Jaxter,...


Kick Ass Heroines: Part #4

Today I continue my exploration of the Kick Ass Heroines, like Xena, that I love in books, movies and TV shows, and highlight more of their characteristics. I’d love to know what you think! Did I leave any out?! What would you add to this list?


BOOK REVIEW: The Mermaid’s Mirror by L. K. Madigan

This young adult novel, for grades 8 and up, is hauntingly beautiful and well told. I really felt like I was in the head and heart of a sixteen-year-old. Lena has always felt drawn to sea around her home just south of San Francisco despite her father’s fears, a former surfer. Strange things start happening, sleep walking at the beach, whispers of voices and dream.


Kick Ass Heroines: Part #3

I talked earlier about the Bad Girl Archetype: We Love Her, We Hate Her, We Want to Be Her and Characteristics of a Kick-Ass Heroine Archetype. You could call them Part 1 and 2, if you want! Today I continue my exploration of these Kick Ass Heroines that I love in books, movies and TV shows. Hence, part #3!