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About Kick Ass Heroines

In the course of marketing my YA fantasy novel, Henrietta The Dragon Slayer, I’ve written posts on Kick Ass Heroines, Bad Girl Archetypes, the Wild Woman Archetype. To me these posts are about are...


VIDEO: Movie Trailer for Hanna

Kick ass heroine. Wild child. Trained assassin for a purpose. I choose this week’s video because it intrigues me and because I want to see how this powerful girl-woman is portrayed. I’m glad we’re...


Who Loves Xena Warrior Princess? I Do!

I just love Xena’s joy, glee and grit. I love her toughness, and also her sad heart. Love Gabrielle and the jester too. Little know fact: the jester in Xena inspired my character, Jaxter,...


Kick Ass Heroines: Part #4

Today I continue my exploration of the Kick Ass Heroines, like Xena, that I love in books, movies and TV shows, and highlight more of their characteristics. I’d love to know what you think! Did I leave any out?! What would you add to this list?