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How Do You Make a Dragon Real?

Welcome to our regular column from author and guest columnist, Bobbye Terry. In this column, she shares about how to help your reader suspend disbelief and make the reader feel like she is really there.


Is Time Travel Science Fiction?

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this post from one of our monthly columnist, Bobbye Terry. *** Is Time Travel Science Fiction? Not too long ago, the owner of one of my listservs asked this question: is...


What Do You Write? Mystery, Suspense or Thriller?

Many have attempted to explain the difference between a mystery, a suspense and a thriller, often to no avail, as in this day and age, the definitions have become blurred. The suspense/thriller genius, Alfred...


Cyberpunk Romance—A Trend

Welcome to Writing Craft Thursdays. This week we welcome back a regular guest columnist at Writer’s Fun Zone, author Bobbye Terry. Bobbye shares with us a growing trend in fiction, cyberpunk romance. ^*^ “I have...


Tags in Dialogue

Welcome back guest columnist, Bobbye Terry, as she reveals how to use “he said/she said” in dialogue. Her example of before and after is quite useful to see when to use “said” and when...


What Do You Do About Dueling Body Parts?

Welcome back guest columnist, Bobbye Terry, as she uncovers runaway body parts in our novels and what we can do about them? How do you catch and edit your runaway body parts?! ^*^ or:...


Axing The Backstory

Welcome back guest columnist, Bobbye Terry, as she reveals why we need to axe our backstory. What do you think about backstory? ^*^ Ah, a round of applause for the backstory, all of that information that...


What Would Indiana Jones Do?

I’m right in the middle of writing a mystery/fantasy/romance/mainstream, whatever the genre (for me any of the above and often at the same time). Then, all of a sudden, halfway through a crucial scene, my brain turns off like the proverbial faucet. Not even a drip comes out.


Imagination Time—Upcoming Literary Trends

I sat down the other day and started thinking about what the new trends will be in romantic fiction during the next couple of years. I made my list and thought it would be fun just to discuss the things I think may creep into romance and the literary mainstream. Some of this may make some of you laugh, but honestly, did any of us see zombies creeping into the pages of our romance books? Enough said.


Having Vision

What would it feel like if suddenly you couldn’t see? How would you know where you were going and which way was the right way? Sure those who are blind learn to adapt to the loss of vision, but they adapt by replacing the visual cues with other ones that become, in essence, their new eyes.


Thinking Outside the Box

Welcome to our bi-weekly posts from guest columnist, Bobbye Terry. This week she offers fun tips for thinking outside the box. We’re curious to hear your tips too! Share your thoughts with us! Thanks!...


Do you write every day?

Social Media Tips for Thursday… As you may or may not know, I’ve been blogging every day since January 1, 2011, and I’ve seen some cool results: * My site traffic has tripled, to nearly 2,000 visitors per month — woohoo! I know other bloggers are seeing higher traffic, but for me, this is awesome, and I celebrate my success! And my numbers keep going up the more time goes by!