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Story Prompt Cards for Business Storytellers, based on the Tarot, by Tea SilvestreMany writers I know use Tarot as writing prompts and creativity sparks. I do! So when I saw that my colleague had released her own Tarot deck, I was excited and wanted to share it with you.

The Tarotic Story Prompts deck can be used on your own to spark and inspire new content for your marketing {or writing} OR as traditional Tarot cards to help you with challenges in your business.

It’s also fabulous for groups as an ice-breaker or activity to practice storytelling and communication skills.

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The sale ENDS Tuesday, September 15th.

*Sale price is calculated on the number of pledged purchases. EVERYbody earns the same discount and is charged at the end of the sale, once we know how many people have purchased. {Cool model, Tea!}

About the Creator

Tea Silvestre, The Story Bistro ChefTea Silvestre is the founder of StoryBistro.com and a marketing coach and mentor to small business owners around the globe.

But mostly, she’s all about The Story. Telling them, listening to them, and figuring out what they mean. (Her super power is finding just the right metaphor to explain anything.)

In addition to creating the Tarotic Story Prompts Deck, she’s also the author of “Attract and Feed a Hungry Crowd: How Thinking Like a Chef Can Help You Build a Solid Business” and “30 Ways to Bloom Your Online Relationships.” (Both available on Amazon)

Tea’s writing is seen on some of the biggest blogs on the Internet, including Copyblogger, Problogger and MarketingProfs.

You can find her in Portland, Oregon where she spends much of her free time hiking, seeing the latest movies, and hosting dinner parties for friends, neighbors, clients, and family.

Origin of the Story Prompts Deck (In Tea’s words)

Story Prompt Cards for Business Storytellers, based on the Tarot, by Tea SilvestreA little over a year ago, I began an experiment in storytelling. I wanted to help entrepreneurs find new ways to network and share the important stories of their work.

So we gathered into a “Story Circle” with the intent to practice our storytelling and story listening skills.

We met at the local library at first, just a half dozen or so. And each time, I’d bring a small stack of index cards with various story prompts or questions.

Following a short preamble (by yours truly) on how to tell an interesting story, participants would draw an index card at random and then share a personal experience based on the prompt they’d chosen.

Often we had truly profound stories. Tears. Laughter. And along the way, lots of deep listening and connecting.

A year later, with my index cards dog-eared and worn (and the stack of prompts quite larger than when I’d begun), I decided to create an official deck for on-going use.


image8Tea is doing a unique Crowd Sale experiment to sell this deck. You can see it in action here (and buy your own copy!)



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