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The Writer's Adventure Guide: 12 Stages to Writing Your BookWant to get your book done?

Want the adventure to be enjoyable, not strenuous?

Beth Barany’s book, The Writer’s Adventure Guide, is more of an interactive experience than a book. Instead of teaching the craft of how to write, she focuses on the best approach to tackle the emotions and logistics involved with the adventure of writing a book.

Using the Hero’s Journey she empowers the writer through the 12 stages.

The first four stages are the Preparation Phase with over a dozen exercises.

Stage 1, Start Where You Are, helps you evaluate your goal, motivation, conflicts, strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these vital aspects about yourself is key to conquering any hesitation.

Stage 2, Call to Adventure, facilitates with how you will describe your book, what your time commitment will be, the marketing research to do to sharpen your pitch to a publisher or readers, and much more.

Stage 3, Refusal of the Call, is the necessary step-by-step approach on confronting your concerns and conquering them by turning them into positive affirmations that will enhance your results.

Stage 4, It Takes a Village, gives the knowledge you’ll need on how to create a loving community that will support you on your endeaver.

The naxt phase is The Writing Phase, made up of the next four stages, each with even more solutions on how to write your book with emotional ease and more exercises.

The third phase, The Completion Phase, takes you on the final leg of the rewarding journey.

I thought the third phase was the last of the timeless tips and tricks in The Writer’s Adventure Guide, but was surprised to see what turned out to be my favorite part: the Appendix.

Filled with planning tables and extra help, the appendix included a step-by-step process for self-publishing if that’s the route you choose to take. Information on layout, ISBN numbers, marketing, promotional strategies, and selling points were accompanied by great resources on how to get important items free.

The last pages in the appendix educate you on how to get published through a major publisher. Beth Barany gives brief gems of wisdom on finding agents, and creating your “elevator pitch” and query letter with, again, various outstanding resources at your fingertips.

If you want to write a book, do yourself a favor. Get this one.

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