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How to Write and Get Great Reviews — With Examples of a Book Review

How to write and get great reviews, with examples of a book review. A lot of authors think that getting many five-star ecstatic reviews will help make more book sales, so they get their family and friends to post rave reviews. The problem is that browsing readers can detect false praise a mile away, so if you just help guide the reviewer on how to sound authentic, your reviews will in fact help you make more sales of your books.

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The Trouble With Tagging and Liking – How an Amazon Tag and Like Aren’t Enough

On Facebook, I’ve seen a lot of authors (myself included) asking for tags and likes on their Amazon sales page.

Waste of time.

Though it’s seductively simple to ask friends and followers to tag and like your Amazon page, there are better marketing methods to request from your friends and followers that are just as simple and take just as much time.


7 Ways to Brainstorm the Best Title for Your Book

My method for finding the right title is designed to help your fans-to-be discover your book. Recently, I’ve finished the draft to the sequel of my bestselling thriller The Torah Codes. Now I’m applying my method of finding the best title, and the system works so well that I’ve discovered all of my title ideas are bad titles!

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How KDP Select Will Make You An Amazon Bestseller

If you want to become an Amazon bestseller, going through Amazon’s KDP Select program is a great way to do it. But it takes more than just signing up with KDP Select. By following a simple process I’ve outlined below, you can practically guarantee becoming an Amazon bestseller.

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3 Vital Keys to a Good Book Trailer

A lot of authors think a book trailer is all about conveying what the storyline is. But actually, conveying your storyline will likely not get people excited about your novel. And if you just include the three vital keys for a good book trailer, your book trailer will stand head and shoulders above the others.


How to Hook Your Readers and Increase Your Book Sales

Welcome to our weekly guest column by the Book Mentor and author of the bestselling novel of The Torah Codes, Ezra Barany. He offers indie novelists two important tips, entirely under our control, to help us increase book sales. A lot of indie authors think that as long as they write a well-written novel, their book will become successful and they’ll make a million bucks in the first month. But the reality is…

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How to Make More Book Sales

Many people think selling their novel takes a lot of time and energy. Well here’s a way that you can set up an automatic system in place to sell your novel to your market. That means there is no going on-line, no going to mixers, no social media, no networking. And you don’t even have to pay for this incredible system! If you have a twitter account, an email account, and just take the time to set this system up, you can have this automated marketing machine working for you in about an hour.

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How to Sell Boxes of Books

A lot of authors think the way to make money is to sell their novel one book at a time. But actually, there’s a way to sell boxes of books with one sales conversation. And if you just use the appropriate strategy to approach these sales, selling boxes of books can be easier than trying to get one person to buy.