How to Sell Boxes of Books

A lot of authors think the way to make money is to sell their novel one book at a time. But actually, there’s a way to sell boxes of books with one sales conversation. And if you just use the appropriate strategy to approach these sales, selling boxes of books can be easier than trying to get one person to buy.

In this video, I reveal how to sell boxes of books instead of one book at a time. I show how there are people constantly looking for books for their book club, organization, or school. The biggest difference between selling one book and selling boxes of books is that the buyer isn’t interested in what the book is about. The buyer probably won’t even read the book. The only thing they are interested in is if the book supports their mission statement.

For example, if you approach a cancer society with your book, they won’t care that your novel is about a former beauty pageant winner who struggles through saving the relationship with her trophy husband after learning about her breast cancer. But if you tell them your book helps people faced with cancer cope with the challenges they face, that’s something they can connect with and will be willing to, at the very least, list your book on their website as a resource. At best, you can sell them the rights to your novel and they can make it available on their website to sell themselves.

TIME OUT: Notice something here. Your book will be easier to sell to organizations if it matches the organization’s mission statement. Meaning, your novel will do better if it helps the readers with their challenges. Personally, I think this is beautiful. The fact that the solution to solve one’s own book sales is to help as many people as possible gives me such inner peace. Instantly, the whole insipid “dog eat dog” notion goes out the window and is replaced by this powerful business plan of “the fastest path to success is charity.”

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