The Top 6 Ways Readers Buy Books

  1. Recommendation from someone I know

    Mystery author, Michelle Gagnon

  2. The cover
  3. Saw on a bestseller list
  4. Reviews you’ve read in blogs/online forums
  5. Reviews you read in magazines/newspapers
  6. Prominent display in bookstore

Fom a comment by Michelle Gagnon at her article, The Best and Worst Writing Advice I Ever Got

I agree that you can’t make anyone recommend your book or review your book, favorably or unfavorably.

What we can do is get the word out! And, give people an opportunity to review and recommend our books.

Michelle Gagnon, a mystery author, goes on to say: “But number one goes back to the famous “word of mouth” that Joe mentioned. Here you can accomplish something. Offer excerpts on your website. Guest blog on websites whose readers buy mysteries. Give away every free copy your publisher sends you, and ask the person to give it a positive review if they liked it, and to pass the book along to someone else who might enjoy it. And then, keep your fingers crossed.

The sad truth is that at the end of the day, the author doesn’t have all that much control over sales. You just have to keep forging ahead and hope that the book gathers steam on its own.”

We don’t have control over much in life, but we can influence others.

That’s our job as authors today.

What do you think?


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5 Responses

  1. So true. And it takes time to build that word of mouth, so the most important thing is to keep producing great books!

  2. Beth Barany says:

    Absolutely. I totally agree!

  3. I’m relieved that the focus here is not so much on social media marketing as it is on great writing and giving away the books that contain it–so people can love and share our work via ye olde word of mouth (which, ok, could be a not so old tweet).

  4. Robin Moore says:

    Wonderful advice! Your #1 is my most frequent way to find a book–advice of a friend or a librarian.

  5. ilinda says:

    I am glad I stumble across your email. It was buried within the tons of emails I recieve everyday. It is late and I missed the teleseminar and the announcement of your birthday. We are fellow Gemini’s, the intellectual sign. I have authored and published 2 books and I am always looking for more insight into how to do what I love to do.

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