NaNoWriMo is nearly over. So what now? With Ezra Barany

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NaNoWriMo is nearly over. So what now? With Ezra Barany – How To Write the Future podcast, episode 73

“It took me a while to get to this point, but I printed out my entire manuscript. And held it in my hands. And that was incredible. Just to feel the weight of all those pages.” – Beth Barany

In this episode of “How To Write The Future” host Beth Barany discusses with her husband, fellow author, and high school teacher, Ezra Barany, what to do after NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) comes to an end. Together they share tips for writers, and explore ideas for marketing your book which includes book trailers. They emphasize the importance of celebrating your accomplishments and looking ahead to what’s beyond NaNoWriMo. So grab your pen, celebrate your achievements, and keep writing!

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The *How To Write The Future* podcast is for science fiction and fantasy writers who want to write positive futures and successfully bring those stories out into the marketplace. Hosted by Beth Barany, science fiction novelist and creativity coach for writers. We cover tips for fiction writers. This podcast is for readers too if you’re at all curious about the future of humanity.

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This podcast is for readers too if you’re at all curious about the future of humanity.

Episode 73 – NaNoWriMo is nearly over. So now what? 

NaNoWriMo is nearly over. So what now?

Hey, everyone. Welcome to an episode of How To Write The Future with your host, Beth Barany. That’s me. I am a writing teacher, creativity coach, and science fiction and fantasy novelist.

And I created this podcast to offer you tips for your writing life, Craft, Publishing, Marketing, and the Writer’s Mindset. Something I call the Writer’s Stance.

My mission is to help you, empower you, to step into your practice of writing your amazing stories.

Because I believe that stories have power.

We all learn how to be because of the stories in our culture. So I encourage you to inject your stories into the culture. Because what we vision we help make so.

I have a different kind of episode for you today.

It’s me chatting with my husband, Ezra Barany, also a writer.

And at the very end, I have a special message for you from-. Well, I’m just going to say a special message. Not from me, not from Ezra. You’ll have to stay tuned to the end.

And congratulations everyone who participated in NaNoWriMo. Alright, here we go.

All right. Some tips you can do once you’re finished with NaNoWriMo.

Put your book aside. And, Ezra you were saying.


Yah, to um, um, This is just notes for us, right?


Yeah, but it’s going to transcribe. I might use some of it.




Why not?


Yeah, sure.


Yeah, keep it casual.


Um, play with tag lines. Do a search for how to write taglines and book blurbs online. Templates are fun. And play with it. Book trailers. Play with instant video makers. 

Find some images you like.


And some music. And make a book trailer.


Royalty free.


Yeah. Royalty free.

And you’re also saying, um, Log lines. Yeah. It can be really exciting to play with the finished product of your book: what will it look like? What will the cover be? Play with Canva and design a cover. Um, Play with, um, ideas for marketing the book. You can just jump over the editing process for the moment and stay in that first draft energy that’s so exciting. Um, yeah. And put the manuscript aside. Really give it a rest. And maybe I can, I can talk a little bit more about why that’s important.

Uh, personally, I think it helps when you edit, you want to have distance from the work you edit so that you can make decisions that’s best for the story and not be so attached to. Not be so attached to it.

I prefer to edit when I don’t remember what it was like to write the first draft of it. And that for me personally is like a few months easily. It depends.

How much you, how long? How much time do you need before you feel ready to edit a first draft


I usually forgot what I’ve done in three seconds.


Um, one, 1000.


What is this? I’ve never seen this before.

This is someone else’s book I’m starting to read.


Come on… Ezra’s joking.


Also, two to three months.


Two three months for you too, as well. Okay.


Something like that.


Yeah. So really the most important thing to do as NaNoWriMo is coming to a close is is celebrate. You know, December one, celebrate. And if you’re not done with your book, keep going.

I mean both you and I have- I did write one novel in the span of two months and I finished it on December 31st. And that turned out to be about an 85,000-word novel.

I’ve seen you start a book on November 1st and keep going into the spring cause you’re writing some big, a hundred thousand-word thing. Remember?


Yeah, I thought a nice, short story about the origin of Tinkerbell would be fun. Um, but then I realized, origin story?! That does not sound like a short story.

That sounds epic. It’s turned into over a hundred thousand words.


Yeah, yeah. So keep going. You know, NaNoWriMo is a great place to start but it isn’t a um, the be-all end-all, right?

Being a writer is about writing all your wrong. Uh, out all year around – all year round. 

This is what I’m trying to say. Yeah. Great.

Any other tips that we can give people as NaNoWriMo comes to a close?


Um, I would say go out and, and enjoy yourself. Um, interact. Uh, and, and tell people what you’ve done.


Celebrate not just by you yourself and you, you know, with your friends, with your fellow writers, with buddies, with you know the barista at the cafe.

Yeah, celebrate. You did an amazing thing. It’s incredible.


And think about this. If you were to go into say a grocery store, how many people in that entire grocery store could say they’ve written a book?

Very few, if any. So, you’ve done a huge accomplishment. And that’s really something worthwhile to think about.


And celebrate. And something that I’ve done. It took me a while to get to this point, but I printed out my entire manuscript. And held it in my hands. And that was incredible. Just to feel the weight of all those pages.

So, so exciting. And share it with someone in your family who may not understand what it is you’re doing. And let them feel the weight. And then like, oh, now I see what you’ve been spending your weekends and evenings and, you know, odd hours doing like, wow, that’s impressive.

And also I have to say something that is really fun that I have done during the process of writing a first draft with – with you, is I read pages to you even, you know, crappy first drafts just to get that instant, like, congratulations. So, you don’t have to wait to the end of the month to celebrate. You can celebrate right now. You can celebrate every day when you write new content, new material for your story. It’s a worthy thing to celebrate.

Anything – anything else?

I think that’s good. It’s a good. Um,


Eat cashews.


Eat cashews, Ezra says, all right.


I have one more tip for you.

And that’s from our cat, Rocket.


Say it again. Really? Say it again. What do you want? Okay.


All right, everyone. That’s it for now.

So write long and prosper.

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Beth Barany teaches science fiction and fantasy novelists how to write, edit, and publish their books as a coach, teacher, consultant, and developmental editor. She’s an award-winning fantasy and science fiction novelist and runs the podcast, “How To Write The Future.”

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Ezra Barany loves riveting readers with thrillers, but by order of the Department of Motor Vehicles he must place a warning on every book cover, “Do not read while driving.” His first two books in The Torah Codes series were award-winning international bestsellers. The next three books in the 4-book series wowed readers too! In his free time, he has eye-opening discussions on the art of writing novels with his wife and book coach, Beth Barany. A high school physics teacher, Ezra lives in Oakland with his beloved wife and two cats working on the next book in The Torah Codes series. Ezra, not the cats. For a free short story in The Torah Codes series, “The Mourner’s Kaddish,” do please go to






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