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Expectations vs. What Is by Beth Barany

Do you have unrealistic expectations with your writing? In my conversations with writers this week, one theme kept coming up. “I thought writing the first draft would be easier by now.” “I have unrealistic...


The Messy, Creative Process + New Mini-Course

The other day, I start editing the third book in my science fiction mystery series, but first I fiddle with my favorite game, Diamond Digger, on my iPhone, then check email, then stare at...


Passion and Precision: A Balancing Game by Wyatt Bessing

My wife sometimes accuses me of going to extremes. In the car, the heater is either on full blast or the AC is icy. I can be a bouncing Tigger one minute, a solemn and quiet Eeyore the next. When writing I’m the same way, methodical and slow in outlining, then writing with abandon, not stopping or thinking or even coming up to breathe.