Tied In Knots: Writing Tie-in Fiction by Bobby Nash

Tied In Knots Writing Tie-in Fiction by Bobby NashLet’s welcome back monthly columnist Bobby Nash as he shares with us “Tied In Knots: Writing Tie-in Fiction.” Enjoy!


Beth and I had a conversation about writing media tie-ins recently. She asked that I share some information on what it’s like to work in this field.

As long as I’ve been a reader, tie-in fiction was a big part of my TBR file. So long ago in fact, I didn’t know what TBR or media tie-in meant. 

What is a Media Tie-in? 

Media tie-ins are stories based off of a property from another medium. Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Firefly, Doctor Who, Zorro, The Lone Ranger, and a lengthy list of properties fall under this umbrella and are translated and adapted into novels, short stories, comics, audio, and more.

I often hear comments saying that we’re just writing fan fiction. 

While, in one respect, that’s true, the reality is that tie-ins are not fan fic. 

Media tie-in projects are licensed from the IP (Intellectual Property) owner(s) to a publisher for use. 

These licenses usually come with a character/series bible and a list of do’s and don’ts the writers have to follow. 

This is where the difference between tie-in and fan fiction begins. 

Fan Fiction vs. Tie-In Fiction 

Fan Fiction

With fan fiction, you can write whatever you want, however you want, and anything can happen. 

You’re doing it for fun. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

I’ve written fan fiction. Many writers start that way. 

It allows us to practice our writing ability on a known entity. It’s a great place to grow your writing skill.

Licensed Media Tie-in’s

When working for a publisher, an author has to work within that publisher’s guidelines. 

There are some universal guidelines, but each publisher has their own guidelines. 

Professional writers work within those lines. 

With a media tie-in property, you also have to work within the license holder’s guidelines. 

As the owner/custodian of the IP, part of their responsibility is to protect the property. 

For example, all Star Wars novels, comics, games, etc. have to be approved by Lucasfilm before going to press. 

Likewise Paramount/CBS approves all media tie-ins for Star Trek. If you’re doing Star Trek comics, the actors (or their reps) sometimes get final say over the art. If you’re drawing Captain Picard, he needs to look like Patrick Stewart.

The guidelines for tie-in work vary from IP owner to IP owner. Some properties come with lengthy documents on the do’s and don’ts I mentioned above. Others are less restrictive. Each situation is a bit different.

Why Write Tie-ins?

Knowing all of this, writing tie-ins can be a lot of fun. 

I have been fortunate enough to write stories based on characters I grew up watching. It was a thrill to write things like, Let’s Roll, Kato! and Look, Kemosabe!

Great moments that will stick with me forever. 

One of my favorite tie-in moments came when a publisher I work with acquired the license to the AC Comics line of comic book characters and were planning to release a line of novels featuring the characters. 

As a long-time fan of the character, Nightveil, I threw my name into the ring, reached out to the publisher with a pitch, which was approved, and I wrote Nightveil: Crisis at the Crossroads of Infinity

Not only was the book well-received, but it even won an award, which was simply a wonderful bonus. This was a dream come true gig thirty years in the making.

How Do I Join the Fun? 

By this point, if I haven’t scared you off with the added steps, you’re probably asking yourself, how do I become a media tie-in writer? 

It’s a question I asked myself once upon a time as well.

I won’t sugarcoat it. It’s not easy. 

As with the extra steps in writing a tie-in story, there are extra steps in getting hired to write them as well. 

The first step is getting hired by the publisher. This is a brick wall that so many of us, as writers, run into and have trouble getting past. 

Once a publisher signs off on you, in some cases, the license holder has to sign off on your involvement.

These are all questions they will ask of you:

  • Are they familiar with your work?
  • Are you published? 
  • Have you written tie-ins before? 

Then, comes the pitch. If you get to pitch, it has to be approved by both the publisher and IP holder. 

I have had tie-in stories killed at this point because there’s already someone doing a similar story that contradicts something coming up on the show (this happens often for properties still on the air), and sometimes it’s as easy as they don’t think the story works. 

As I mentioned before, they are looking at more than story. They are also looking to protect their brand.

If you made it this far, then comes the fun part… writing the story.

That’s followed by the terrifying part where you realize fans of the property will read it and you hope they like it. Take it from the voice of experience, not all of them will.

I hope this sneak peek into media tie-in writing was informative.

Good luck and happy writing.

Bethlehem, GA


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Bobby Nash Bobby Nash is an award-winning author (novels, comic books, short stories, screenplays, audio, & more). On occasion, he acts in movies and TV shows, usually standing behind your favorite actor. He draws a little too. For more information, please visit Bobby at www.bobbynash.com, www.ben-books.com, & on across social media. 

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