Make Holiday Gifts of Your Creative Writing by Annmarie Miles

Holiday giftsLet’s welcome back monthly columnist Annmarie Miles as she shares with us “Make Holiday Gifts of Your Creative Writing.” Enjoy!


I wonder have you ever thought of gifting your writing.

One thing that many writers have in common is that they are short of time and short of money. Maybe this year, your writing could be the gift you give.

I’m not just talking about giving away your books. If you’re like me, then everyone you know has had your book at least twice over Kindle and paperback and a… “Oh go on, have another copy just in case. “ Like there’s any sign of a book shortage on the horizon…!

Bakers make cakes and treats, crafters make all sorts of great gifts, artists paint and draw for people. Why don’t us writers use our gifts; as gifts. Writing can be beautiful and personal. You don’t have to be a poet to dedicate some words to someone.

There are lots of options:

A tribute – so many people are not around when their tribute is given. We save our best words about someone after they’ve passed on and they don’t get to hear them. I’m not talking about being dismal and writing a eulogy. Write some words of praise, and craft it to be the best it can be. (Anyone ever seen The West Wing episode about Sam Seabourn writing the ‘birthday message’? That guy is a writer!)

A short story – write a tale about what your friend’s favourite pet gets up to when they are not around; or one of their children maybe. Another idea is to write a short, piece in the fan-fiction style of your friend’s favourite genre, adding them as a character. If your friend is also a writer, you could leave them to write then ending.

An ode – even if you’re not one for poetry, you can always try a ditty. There’s no set structure to an ode. I use 10 10 6 6. I think of a couple of key things about a person and, not being a natural poet, I dig out the rhyming dictionary

Here’s a fairly rushed one for Beth Barany 🙂

Oh Beth, whose website products do inspire
these outpoured words, like oil upon the fire
Our talent we must hone
You keep us in the zone.

A word picture – describe in exquisite detail, your loved ones favourite painting or photograph. If it’s a family picture or a particular event, write everything you know about it. Think of all senses – what could be seen, heard and felt that day. Use ‘show, don’t tell’. Have it framed in a similar frame to the photo or painting, to be hung next to it.

A fun instruction manual – has your friend got a quirk? Do they like their tea stirred three times to the right and once to the left. Do they always park in the same section of the carpark? What is their perfect evening? Who do they dream of meeting? You can have some great fun with a What to do in the event of…” It could be a group project too; get others on the case with you.  

The day before we met – Write the story of the day before you met your other half. Think about any parts of the day that, had they worked differently you might not have crossed paths. Make sure to leave space so that after the gift has been opened, they can write about that day for themselves. Then get it framed and up on the wall.

These are just a few ideas. And maybe it’s a bit too near Christmas to start some of them this year, So make a 2016 project out of it. If nothing else, it will certainly stir some creativity.

I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and New Year. Make sure to do some scribbling over the season.

Enjoy your gift x



Annmarie MilesAnnmarie Miles, part time writer, full time believer is 40something, Irish, Christian, married, and proud to be all of those things. She loves words, music & chocolate! You can find out all about her and her book The Long & The Short of It.

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