Video Q&A with Book Mentor, Ezra Barany: What do you wish you had known before you started?

Welcome to Q & A Wednesdays by Book Mentor, Ezra Barany. Ezra answers the question, “What are you glad you did with regards to self-pubbing? And what do you wish you had known before you started?”

Self-publishing your novel is a great way to get your book out there. And here’s a tip on what to do and what not to do.

What questions do you have about writing, marketing or publishing your novel? Comment below or send in your questions to this blog or contact Ezra directly on Facebook or Twitter. Let us know if we can mention you and your book in Ezra’s video. Thanks!

About Ezra Barany:
Who Ezra helps are writers who are having the challenge of completing their novel, the one that’s been sitting in the attic of their mind collecting cobwebs. Ezra helps them get clarity, design their strategy, tune their schedule, and reshape their novel into a compelling, page-turning, thumping good read.

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  • Alica says:

    Very interesting and a fun video

  • Beth Barany says:

    Alica, Glad you thought it was an interesting and fun video. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Ezra, love your video here! You are always great entertainment to watch.

    Such wonderful advice too! You and Beth have both been very helpful to me as I try to self publish my book. I don’t know how to answer the question of what would I do differently as I’m not all the way there yet. However, I am glad I have lots of support from other writers – both indie and trad pubbed – with lots of encouragement and advice.

    Time will tell and who knows, one day maybe I’ll share my own experience with others. 🙂

    Oh, speaking of publishing, I did decided on a release date for my novel, Cleanse Fire! December 21, 2011! Thank you for your great help and advice you two! I couldn’t have gotten this far without you!

    Anastasia V. Pergakis

  • Ezra Barany says:

    Anastasia, don’t you dare publish it without letting me look and give feedback on the cover! 🙂

    I LOVE doing cover design, and if you have all the pieces of the cover–clip art, background, and font styles–I’d even design it for you FREE. But Beth would kill me. LOL

    So write me if you’re interested in getting your cover design done at a STEAL of a price. We can work with our respective social media people on asking their opinion of which versions they like better. That way, we’ll also be marketing to your community AND to mine!

    Also, be sure to write me your publishing plan, who you’ll use (Lightning Source), what paper to use (cream), how to price it (cover the POD costs, Amazon’s cut, your donation costs, and still get at minimum $3/book for yourself), etc.

    Here’s why. We have a friend who self-published and, for some reason, didn’t run by his publishing plan with us. Maybe he felt like he would be a bother or something silly like that. He used Lulu (which, if I understand correctly, uses Lightning Source) and by using them, 50% of the price went to Amazon (instead of 20%) and he had to boost the price way up to get something resembling a profit.

    The “good news” is that he got picked up by a prominent publisher, one with a good reputation. But what shocked Beth and me was that he seemed to be paying them! It sounded like he had to pay them for the editor, the new cover, etc. He described the sensation as being at the edge of a cliff with a strong wind pushing him towards the edge and if he just throws enough money off the cliff, he hopes the momentum of the throw will keep him from falling off. LOL

    Please send me your plans before making final decisions. We love you and want to make sure you succeed!

    Ezra Barany
    Author of the Award-Winning
    Bestseller The Torah Codes

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