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Self-Editing Your Manuscript by Janelle Riley 0

Self-Editing Your Manuscript by Janelle Riley

Good editing can make or break your manuscript, but as an indie author, Janelle Riley knows that this can’t always be in the budget. She shares when to choose self-editing and how to get started.


Travel/Write by Catharine Bramkamp

Travel writing sounds so glamorous; get paid to see legendary places, sample unusual food, sleep in exotic hotels, all on a magazine’s expense account.  Wow right? 


How to Deal With Overwhelm as an Indie Author

It’s not what you think. No self-destructing, selfmedicationg, self-denial. Okay, a little…chocolate is okay. Make sure it’s 70% dark (Lindt, yum!) so you get the medicinal properties, too. Really, how do you deal with overwhelm as you navigate your busy indie author career? Well, I can only share with you what I do, what others suggest that I ignore, and things I’ve heard others say work for them.

How to Make More Book Sales 0

How to Make More Book Sales

Many people think selling their novel takes a lot of time and energy. Well here’s a way that you can set up an automatic system in place to sell your novel to your market. That means there is no going on-line, no going to mixers, no social media, no networking. And you don’t even have to pay for this incredible system! If you have a twitter account, an email account, and just take the time to set this system up, you can have this automated marketing machine working for you in about an hour.


Indie Fantasy Author Spotlight: Tom Barczak

Welcome to the weekly Indie Fantasy Author Spotlight. Today we feature Tom Barczak, author of Awakening Evarun. Thanks for stopping by, Tom! I enjoyed your interview! Yes, write on! ^*^ Beth: What got you...