How to Deal With Overwhelm as an Indie Author

It’s not what you think. No self-destructing, self-medicating, self-denial.

Okay, a little… chocolate is okay. Make sure it’s 70% dark (Lindt, yum!) so you get the medicinal properties, too.

Really, how do you deal with overwhelm as you navigate your busy indie author career?

Well, I can only share with you what I do, what others suggest that I ignore, and things I’ve heard others say work for them.

Read my list then share your list with us! Thanks!

**I’ll expand each of these in later posts.

  1. Breath. A lot. It helps.
  2. Eat chocolate. (It’s #2!)
  3. Go to the center of the head, the sixth chakra and clear it out.
  4. Move. Yes, move that booty!
  5. Grab a Brainstorming Buddy for a 15 minute brain dump. You talk. They take nuts. What are friends for?!
  6. Take action on that THING — you know the one — that’s driving you nuts. Do IT for five minutes.
  7. Step Away From The Computer. It doesn’t run your life.
  8. Eat chocolate. (Yes, it’s in here twice!)
  9. Day dream. I know you know how to do this….
  10. Get help, like an NLP session or some coaching. They’re not the same.
  11. Draft an old-fashioned To-Do List.
  12. Free Write: Yes, 15 minutes can change your life. (This links to a blog post I wrote.)
  13. Sex. I can say that here, right?!
  14. Kiss your sweetie and have him tell you, “Everything will be alright!”

So, pick one and see what happens.

What is on your list to do in case of overwhelm?


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  • Jess Haight says:

    Chocolate makes everything better! I might even add it another time. I also like to go out for a walk, which I guess goes along with move. Sometimes sitting on my porch and just taking in some nature helps! I also like to drive to help me- something very soothing about driving (somewhere where there is no traffic, of course). 🙂

  • Beth Barany says:

    I should have added it a third time. LOL 🙂 You know, being in nature should get added on there. Good point. there is something so restorative about nature. We come from there- we are really a part of it. Oh, and driving, yes! There’s something so meditative about that. Thanks for sharing your list with us!

  • shah wharton says:

    The step away form the computer one is so right. I spend WAY too much time on mine. But my mine works much better (re WIP) when I’m in the shower, shopping, cooking, whatever. I need to do more none MAC things. 🙂 X

  • Creative List-making: Make a “Grasscatcher” list and identify which of your ‘to-do’s are PROJECTS and which are TASKS. Put all the tasks on a calendar and have chocolate when you cross them off….

    Give yourself permission to DELETE emails on busy days, without even reading them….

    Put exercise and yes, nature, on your to-do list… just AFTER writing but maybe even BEFOORE chocolate…

    Remember, everything takes four hours. Also, add a month onto every deadline.

  • Beth Barany says:

    Kristen, LOVE your list. Thanks! Of course, especially the chocolate part. And I so agree about things taking longer than you always think they will. Nature — ah, so important.

    Shah, Enjoy stepping away from the computer more!

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