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How to Get Book Reviews (or How to Run Your Own Book Review Campaign) by Beth Barany

Many authors think that it is totally time-consuming to find reviews for their books. I admit, just like everything else, it takes time. You can get book reviews. But if you want to develop a long-term relationship with one of the key influencers in our industry—book bloggers—then you’ll want to learn how to get reviews for your books.


One Writer’s Journey from The Beginning A Step-by-Step Beginner Writers Guide – Part 3 How to Write Your Novel Without Having a Background in Writing by Raina Schell

Here’s where we talk about plotters and pantsers. If you don’t know the definitions – a plotter is a writer who outlines their book before beginning to write it while a pantser writes from “the seat of their pants” with no outline. Kind of like writing from the stream of consciousness. I don’t think a survey has been taken but from what I’ve seen, most writers are plotters. Yet there are many famous pantsers too.


How to Write an Author Bio by Beth Barany

It’s about that time now… Your book is done, or you’re thinking about marketing yourself as an author, even though your book isn’t done yet. How do you talk about yourself? You just got...


How Do You Make a Dragon Real?

Welcome to our regular column from author and guest columnist, Bobbye Terry. In this column, she shares about how to help your reader suspend disbelief and make the reader feel like she is really there.


What is SmashWords.com?

The Monday, “What Is That?” Series today features SmashWords.com. The weekly “What Is That?” Series highlights new publishing technologies in the ever-changing publishing world, especially for independent novelists. Nonfiction authors will find much value in these tool, too.