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Is Fear Holding You Back? by Martin Haworth

I’m a great believer in accountability. In my role as a coach, I spend a lot of time encouraging clients to be committed to their future. In doing so, it is vital that they appreciate that there is no one coming to their rescue (except me, perhaps – more of that later*.)


Ignore the Fear and Write! by Jami Gray

We all face it, that frightening moment when our flying fingers pause mid-motion over the keyboard. Wait, was that the wrong tense? Did I say that before? Is that a realistic reaction from my character? Oh pink elephants, that’s too predictable!

Epidemic of Kindness 1

Epidemic of Kindness

“I call fear and avarice, because if left unchecked, it greedily consumes all your thoughts, the cells in your body, and every particle of your being. It controls your words, and your deeds. In fact, your entire life can be overthrown by fear. Even then it is not enough. …”


“Yes, And…” Improv and Writing

What does improvisation have to do with writing? Everything. When we sit down to write, we don’t always know what we will say. Often, I only have the beginning thread of an idea, a...

Hello to Fear 2

Hello to Fear

Hello When I am afraid to write an article then I know I’m where I need to be. My heart is scared, I’m about to reveal a truth. Today, it was my personal note...


Your Mindset is Everything

Your Mindset is Everything What to Do About Fear and Negativity Many teachings, like The Secret, and others, talk about having a positive mindset, visualizing your success and focusing on your goal. You know...