Fear of Actually Writing the Story

Screenshot 2014-08-30 09.52.44New series! For the month of August, and now into September, I practice in the real world via video, sharing with you my journey as a creative entrepreneur.

It is both a big risk and a big dream to be visible and be seen and heard.

In this video, I share about how to handle and address the fear of actually writing your book. I know I’ve faced this fear many times. Now what do you do?!

Listen and watch to hear my take on this very common occurrence.

Video/audio length: 4:38. (4 minutes, 38 seconds)

Video on YouTube

Audio on SoundCloud


We need fear. And fear stops us. How does fear stop you from your writing? And can you be curious… what are you really afraid of? This is a safe place to share that. Thanks!

I’m curious to hear your response to this video or the previous ones here. Respond on this post or on Google+.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your gifts with the world through writing!

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